I am a PhD student at Georgia Institute of Technology in the Systems Software & Security Lab advised by Taesoo Kim. My research interests are systems security and, in particular, mobile security and binary analysis. I have worked on ARM TrustZone security and native code of Android applications. If you are interested, send me an email, and I am happy to talk!

Before I started the PhD, I did a Master’s at FAU and an internship at the UCSB SecLab.


Memory corruption attacks within Android TEEs: A case study based on OP-TEE
Fabian Fleischer, Marcel Busch, and Phillip Kuhrt. In Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security. 2020.

Make Remote Forensic Investigations Forensic Again: Increasing the Evidential Value of Remote Forensic Investigations
Marcel Busch, Florian Nicolai, Fabian Fleischer, Christian Rückert, Christoph Safferling, and Felix Freiling. In International Conference on Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime. 2020.


Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta (Georgia, US), 2021-present
PhD in Computer Science

Friedrich Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg Erlangen (Germany), 2019-2021
Master of Science in Computer Science, with distinction

University of California, Santa Barbara Santa Barbara (California, US), 2020
Research Internship at the UCSB SecLab

Friedrich Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg Erlangen (Germany), 2014-2019
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, with distinction

Universidade Federal do Paraná Curitiba (Brazil), 2017
Internship with classes on systems and network security


DAAD Promos 2020
Scholarship for the research internship at UCSB, California (US)

Fulbright Louisiana 2018
Fulbright Leaders in Entrepreneurship Program & Scholarship in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (US)

DAAD Unibral 2017
Travel and living stipend for studying abroad at UFPR, Curitiba (Brazil)

Deutschlandstipendium 2017, 2019-2020
Deutschlandstipendium scholarship for outstanding achievements in degree courses at FAU, Erlangen (Germany)

Personal Projects

Magic Mirror

In 2019 I did a hardware project inspired by Dylan Pierce’s MirrorMirror. I built the frame with my dad and wrote a simple flask app for the interface. You can find the source code on GitHub.


If I find time, I play Capture-The-Flags (CTFs). Some write-ups are available on my GitHub page (i.e., Tasteless CTF 2020, hxp CTF 2020, Google CTF 2020, Da Vinci CTF 2021).

Also, I was a challenge author and organizer of the FAUST CTF (CTFTime ranking 100/100 in 2021). With FAUST, I also qualified for the RuCTF Finals 2019 in Yekaterinburg, and we ranked first in the Cyber Security Rumble Germany 2020 (second in the international ranking).

High-Performance Computing

Before I focused on system security, I worked on high-performance computing. I participated in the Student Cluster Competition of the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC17) in 2017 with a team of fellow students from my local university. We ranked first in the category of the highest LINPACK and received the Highest LINPACK Performance Award.

PhD & Writing Resources

Recently, I started collecting resources that I found (and find) helpful for academic writing and on how to approach a PhD program. I listed them below, mainly as a reference for myself. Maybe you find some of them helpful as well.

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